Teachers And Parents


Your children will love Mark D. Pencil and Friends! The Songs and lessons are engaging and exciting for all of the class. They all teach valuable lessons and enforce basic principles in reading, math and social skills that help to build a solid foundation for further classroom learning. They will learn without even realizing that they are even learning!


Get Up is all about getting exercise and activity in the school day. The songs lead the class in fun activities and dances all while letting them switch gears to focus on the next lessons for the rest of the day. The kids love the upbeat songs and can’t wait for the next time they can get up!

01_MIKELearning With Hip-Hop gets kids learning about all kinds of basic numbers and math, word families, and social skills! Everyone loves how the lessons are set to funky beats and have a sing-along style that really engages the class!

Multiplication (and Skip Counting) is the newest addition to the Mark D Pencil family of albums! The multiplication lessons lay out all the basic times tables and teach skip counting that help kids understand what is happening when one number is multiplied by another. The music lets the whole class sing along and learn while enjoying the music!


These lesson plans and short stories teach children the basics of phonics, word families, numbers and counting, basic mathematics, and social skills. They all have fun, colorful illustrations of some of the kids’ favorite characters from songs and videos by Mark D Pencil and Friends. Try one in conjunction with one of the CDs today!