About Mark D

About Mark D

Teach reading, math, calendar, and social skills with upbeat contemporary music! Then, get the wiggles out with our many fun brain break/following directions with exercise and dance songs!

Mark D Pencil and his friends will make your children Excited about learning using today’s music.

Kids Love Mark D!



We Make Learning Fun For The Whole Class!

Many teachers have had great results with our songs and learning materials.

See what others have to say:


“My Kindergarten class loves this CD!!

From the very first day we played this CD, my Kindergarten students loved it! Every morning they ask if we can play Mark Pencil. Not only are they having fun, they are learning at the same time!” -Sandra K. (Kindergarden Teacher)


“This is a great CD!”  – Brett S. (Kindergarden Student)


“Hands down, this is the best children’s CD that I’ve heard. My students love it and so do I. It is loaded with educational content and has helped me teach many concepts to 1st graders. The exercise songs, in particular, are a class favorite.”  – Melissa K. (Teacher)


“The students ask for Mark D. Pencil songs everyday and I don’t mind listening to them myself! Thank you for coming up with something that sounds so great and teaches important educational lessons!” -Andy T. (Teacher)

Sit back and relax as Mark D. Pencil changes the way your kids learn and play. Check out all of Mark D Pencil’s videos, CDs, and e-books.